Respect Your Loved One's Final Wishes

Respect Your Loved One's Final Wishes

Receive counsel and representation from a probate litigation attorney

Normally, the probate process after someone's passing is completed without issue. But sometimes, family members don't see eye-to-eye. If you suspect that a will doesn't reflect the true wishes of the deceased, you have a right to challenge it in court. By working with the Law Offices of Larry P. Walton, you can discuss the details of your case with a probate litigation attorney.

Whether you're an aggrieved beneficiary or accused fiduciary, Attorney Larry Walton will make sure your loved one's assets are divided how they would have wanted.

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When should you challenge a will?

A probate litigation attorney will always seek to protect the intentions of the deceased. There are several reasons a will can be contested. You should reach out to our law firm if:

  • The will wasn't signed in accordance with the law
  • The testator lacked the mental capacity to sign the will
  • The testator was unduly influenced
  • The will was forged or fraudulently created

A will may also be written with vague language that opens up conflicting interpretations. Attorney Larry Walton will gather supporting evidence to defend your dispute in court.